Let’s be honest… the value of cryptocurrencies is only driven by speculators. The big majority of the value exchanged belongs to pure speculators.

Besides that vast majority, there is a bunch of people that really believe in the project and keep their money in it because they believe it has value. There is also support from… supporters. There are some people that simply are in love with some of these cryptocurrencies and keep their money in it besides, in some cases, their (obvious) lack of technical value. This is where the bottom line of the market cap lies. So when the price reaches its lowest, that’s where I see the real cryptocurrencies value.

But what can make that bottom line move up. Only real investors. And to get them interested there has to be more than just promises. There has to be a plan to make it profitable besides pure speculation or a group of fans.

This is how Ethereum has gained interest. And this is where Ardor has a great chance to shine. These are what I like to call blockchain-platforms instead of cryptocurrencies.

If blockchain technology is going to be widely used in the next future, then I believe that blockchain-platforms are the ones that will be used for real applications and Ardor is the one that has good chances to be ahead of others at least for financial services. The value of the Ardor platform will lie in the value of the Ardor token and that’s where I believe that the value of Ardor could increase besides the most positive expectation.

That’s also because Ardor and the NXT Foundation have a team of people with defined responsibilities and they have a project plan with a defined timeline and so far they have not missed a deadline. It’s a sign that the development is taken seriously and this is for sure a big trust element for any investor.

So let’s help these guys keep up the great job and let’s do what we can to show to the world what a great platform is being created and hopefully one day we will be proud to have supported a great project all the way through!

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