I was thinking a lot in these days about how an Ardor child-chain could be used in existing companies.

And the idea would be to replace the rewarding system that many companies have in place with an Ardor child-chain.

Let’s suppose that we have a company that produces products or services and has a rewarding system for the employees according to their performances.

Let’s suppose that this company creates a child-chain in Ardor and distributes a part of the tokens to the employees. Let’s use numbers so it’s more clear.

Our company has 10000 employees and produces software. They have created an Ardor child-chain with 1’000’000’000 tokens. They distribute initially 10000 tokens to each of their employees and each 3 or 6 months each line manager has a budget of 2000 tokens per employee to distribute according to the performances.

Within the child-chain, each product (software) the company produces has it’s own asset in the Asset Exchange and these are distributed as well to each employee according to the product they work on.

The marketplace then is where the tokens can be used to get real things like a shop voucher or a gadget or anything else the company wants the employees to be able to purchase from the distributed tokens.

Trading Assets is granted to all employees.

Considering a constant distribution of the tokens across the years, most of them will return to the company via the marketplace and in theory there will be always circulation of the tokens in the child-chain economy.

That could be the first step a company could take towards the decentralized stock exchange / market.

Curious to know what you think? Would that work?

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