The US Political elections, brexit and other nationalist phenomenons are symptoms of a world that is clearly unhappy with the recent history.

People feel like someone else is taking away their jobs, money and that feeling is bringing people to choose to go back to a smaller world, one that they have more control on, to a world that maybe belongs to the past and that maybe cannot exist anymore. But it’s clear that people want those borders to come back up again.

It’s a natural instinct. People are are willing to be generous when they are ok themselves. In case of difficulties, people tend to protect themselves and their families first. And I see something like that happening on a larger scale. Most countries are facing years of economic stagnation, so they have the instinct to close themselves believing that’s the way out of their problems.  Is that the way forward? Everybody says no, but the truth is that nobody knows. We have to either accept that we will all have a little less but we will all have something or maybe we have to accept the fact that humanity now and then needs to get into a fight, because that’s what happened over and over again in human history.

On the other hand, it’s a fact that Ardor, NXT, Bitcoin & Co. will not be stopped by any event and they are a thing that exists and they are very much a synonym of globalization.

So what are the possible scenarios in the case that borders really start to be built up? What impact will that have on blockchain technology?

Well, I could imagine that it will be the time when blockchain will really go mainstream. It could be the unstoppable link across every corner of the world. In which direction that will go within the crypto world will be interesting to witness.



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