What has followed me all my life was the need to create something. It has started since I was a child and it still continues today. It’s something I cannot stop, I create songs, I create things like wood objects, I create websites,  I have many business ideas but what I was struggling with was the mediocre implementation of my ideas. And the reason is that I didn’t have the right skills to properly take an idea and make it happen. For many years I was sure that I could do everything myself, but the reality is that someone can very rarely do something successful completely on his own.

Others realise this maybe earlier than I did, but also in that case, finding the right people with the right skills around you, finding the funding, putting together a roadmap, making a business plan is anyway not an easy task.

And what if you had a great idea and all the skills you need were to be found in a single place?

That’s what Adel is planning to do and in a way that makes very much sense to me.

This is what they write on their website:

Adel is a global cryptocurrency community that is self-sustained, and offers its own economic ecosystem with the Adelphoi token. Our community focuses on creating, developing, and implementing use cases involving blockchain technology that covers a wide range of digital and physical industries. Projects are chosen by the community and successful ventures are either re-invested in for further growth or issued as rewards to Adel’s stakeholders.

The whole concept is very well documented in the 9 white papers available on the Adel website.

In their second white paper you can see how they are planning to take an idea and implement it (see picture).

The parts I really like are:

1 – Ideas are not only coming from the Innovators. Ideas are also provided by the Adel R&D team (see picture). There could be lots of ideas and none is good enough so it’s smart to have a dedicated team within Adel that is dedicated to study the market and see where the needs are.

2 – Members can become staff of these projects. When the community will grow, the more projects will be approved, the more people with specific skills will be needed to take care of tasks within the projects. And by contributing to those project and making those successful, the single members and the whole Adel platform will benefit financially.

3 – The other point I like is that Adel is not exclusively working on blockchain projects. That’s the main focus, as stated on their website, but if a member would come up with a great idea which can be executed in a “decentralised organisation” like Adel is, then it will be worked on too. During a Q&A session it was mentioned that 20% of the projects could be not related to blockchain.

4 – The project is proactive when it comes to compliance to regulations. Participants to the ICO will have to comply to the AML (Anti-Money Laundering), CTF (Counter-Terrorism Financing) and KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements by identifying themselves. This is a clear sign that the team wants to work according to the rules. Also they are not accepting contributions from US citizens because they don’t have yet a FinCEN license and this is for sure not an easy step to take when it comes to an ICO.

Adel, in my opinion, is potentially the foundation of entrepreneurship and future work models as  conventional employment is heavily changing due to digital transformation.

So let’s hope that the ICO target is reached by the end of May and that we see this gem blossom in a vibrant reality!


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