In the beginning there was bitcointalk. It was the place where Satoshi Nakamoto was discussing about Bitcoin in the early days. Then Altcoins appeared and all discussions about them were happening there as well. Still today it’s the place to promote a new project as it’s probably the website in the blockchain space with the highest amount of subscribers.

Following that, all new cryptocurrency communities started their own forum.

Then came slack and many communities created their slack channel.

Forums and Slack together provide a nice combination of tools to discuss topics within the same community.

But sometimes it happens that some communities are not so active so the users that would like to engage are left alone. Another thing that happens is that communities stick to themselves but sometimes are not aware of things happening in other communities that might be beneficial for their own community.

The idea behind is to provide a platform where all community can come together. Members can belong to the groups they like, can create their own groups, follow or become friends with other users, create forum topics, write their own blog posts, add events, etc

It’s a buddypress/wordpress based website that provides a complete social network experience. It might not be perfect, but I believe that it could fill a gap that is currently there.

So register and give it a try!


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