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      To make the reward system a bit more interesting I’m setting up some badges.
      There are 2 categories of badges:

      Likes received

      When you reach certain thresholds of likes received and therefore points, you will be rewarded with “StarTrek like” rank badges. 😀
      Cadet 1st Class Cadet 1st Class – 100 points reached – 10 points reward
      Crewman Crewman – 500 points reached – 50 points reward
      Ensign Ensign – 1000 points reached – 100 points reward
      Lieutenant Junior Lieutenant Junior – 2000 points reached – 200 points reward
      Lieutenant Lieutenant – 5000 points reached – 500 points reward
      Lieutenant Commander Lieutenant Commander – 10000 points reached – 1000 points reward
      Commander Commander – 20000 points reached – 2000 points reward
      Captain Captain – 50000 points reached – 5000 points reward
      Rear Admiral Rear Admiral- 100000 points reached – 10000 points reward
      Vice Admiral Vice Admiral- 150000 points reached – 15000 points reward
      Admiral Admiral- 200000 points reached – 20000 points reward

      Likes given

      In this case there is just one level so far and it’s given when you like your first content.
      Rocket Launcher 1 Like given – 10 points reward

      I will then expand the badges with new ones in the future.
      The badges show in the profile of the user in the right sidebar.

      Remember that to be rewarded you need to set your Ardor account in your profile. You can set the visibility of that field to hidden if you don’t want other users to see that.

      Also remember that for each like received you get 10 points and for each like given you get 1. All points are converted to $WRS and paid out in chunks of 100 points or multiples of 100.

      The only likes that count are the the ones identified with the “rocket”.

      All “Star Trek” badge pictures have been taken from here:

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