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      Once upon a time there was
      It was the very first domain I ever bought and I made a basic blog with it.
      After some time I joined the NXT community and became a blog mostly focused on crypto matters.
      Then I so much wanted to create an alternative to the community communication channels used, like the old forum or slack, so I started to work on which was including most of the current functionalities you see on this site.
      Then the temptation was strong to make a new bitcointalk alternative and therefore make TheWiring a place for all crypto communities and therefore I started creating here a group for every major crypto out there. The website was first cloned from and therefore also the users were “forked” on the new website. 🙂

      With the launch of Ardor the main focus of the community moved from NXT to Ardor and therefore became
      On Ardor Rocks I then implemented the $ROCKS (Ardor Asset) reward system. The users were getting $ROCKS on their Ardor account if set in their profile.
      TheWiring was therefore a bit abandoned as my main focus was on Ardor Rocks.
      But why not implement a similar reward system also here? And voilà! Here it is!
      From today your participation on TheWiring is rewarded with the $WRS asset on the Ardor blockchain.
      All you have to do is to add you Ardor account to your profile (you can set the visibility of the account to hidden) and start participating.
      The $WRS (asset ID 2898577396828712365) are delivered to your account every time you reach 100 points (=100 $WRS) or multiple of 100.
      The payouts happen 4 times a day and will work only if your Ardor account it activated (already performed at least a transaction).
      What is different on TheWiring compared to Ardor Rocks?
      – TheWiring is more or an open platform for all crypto fans. Ardor Rocks is obviously more focused on Ardor.
      – On TheWiring the amount of $WRS is increased dynamically. The initial total amount is 100000 $WRS. When the total amount of points distributed reaches 90000, an additional 100000 will be added to the asset. In this way the distribution of the asset is less unbalanced between the Asset issuer and the users.
      – The website is also a bit different. Besides the look, there are additional functionalities that could be used like reactions to posts, hashtags, verified accounts, etc.

      All points are starting from 0 starting from today.

      I hope you enjoy it!


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      Here some updates on 🙂
      After some back and forth, has come back home on my physical server. is still hosted on the brand new shared hosting I subscribed for recently. I’ve have spent a huuuuuuuuge amount of time trying to optimize all I could and at the end I’ve ended up with this setup. I hope it’s acceptable in terms of performance.
      The reason for this choice, after being 100% sure that I could finally switch off my poor old server, is that a physical server is much more fun to play around. It would be the same fun and better with a VPS but they cost a lot of money for some decent specs and I have pretty good resources on my little server.
      Performance, performance, performance. The shared hosting is good if you visit a page once in a while or if you have a simple html page that is very easy to cache, like for example which very rarely changes, but with a website like it is impossible to cache the whole thing as the content of the main page and other pages changes dynamically. When I post this update the frontpage will change. It is also different from a simple forum, because the traditional forums don’t store pictures, embeds, etc. They are dynamic but with text only. That’s an easier task. But something like (or is a much more complex animal.
      Anyway, something has been implemented to preload the pages at regular intervals for non logged in users. This makes it faster and stresses less the server as the cached version of the page is in memory and therefore served more quicker. That means that external users will not see second by second the front page change if there are updates and if they refresh the page, but they will see an updated version of the page every few minutes.
      Of course there is a javascript that loads the new posts if a visitor doesn’t move away from the frontpage so also for non-logged in users that would be an option to have real-time content.

      At the moment there are still some things on that I’m not happy with:
      – on mobile the styling of the post reactions (or likes) is not nice.
      – Ads are not yet implemented as there is an issue also there with the styling of the overlapping reactions and the Ad. That doesn’t work fine. So at the moment I’ve removed the Ads. Let’s start with collecting $WRS in the meantime.
      – I have to see what makes sense to attach to posts. At the moment a user can attach a huge amount of things, but that might not be a good idea as we could be affected by spam.
      – and more.

      One wish I would have is to integrate a marketplace in TheWiring where people can sell and buy goods, software or services exclusively with $WRS. I have to check out some of the work done by the community, in case there is something that can be used to achieve this goal.

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      Currently disabled the reactions. Now only liking is possible. I have to fix some issues first before enabling it again. 👍

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      In order to make TheWiring a bit more social network and a bit less, I am removing the Blog feature for the users.
      This means that users no longer will be able to publish blog posts. Best alternative will be to post a Forum Topic instead.

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