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      Speaking of collective intelligence – a new blog by @Wolffang @R0bInI0 discusses the blockchain space in terms of martial arts. He examines the perspective of Bruce Lee, the pioneer of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and how we can take his lessons of combining best practices to attain the highest levels of agility. Bruce founded Jeet Kune Do to evolve martial arts away from a, “My style is better than yours”, rhetoric to strengthen combat sports. Adel’s blockchain agnostic approach and community collaboration takes a mirrored approach in the sphere of virtual currencies. It’s all about combining the strengths of different technologies into a single ecosystem.

      Plus, co-Founder Gabriel Dusil is an MMA practitioner and trainer, with a deadly high kick?! Check out the photo here:
      View at

      Read more artful blogs by @Wolffang @R0bInI0 here

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