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Do you think that the node reward program will increase the Ardor and NXT use

All Activities Forums Ardor Do you think that the node reward program will increase the Ardor and NXT use

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      Inspired by @rocku84 ( ) the question is:
      Do you think that the rewarding program started by Jelurida can increase the user of the platform?
      Here more details about the program:

      My personal opinion is that this initiative is very good in the case Jelurida has to present the platform to some partner or some customer that wants to have a child-chain on Ardor.
      The potential customer will see more nodes and have the guarantee that the network is secured enough.
      Another possible positive effect is that once users have downloaded the client, synced the blockchain, that they will be more likely to start the nodes also after this reward program.

      But on the downside I think that this initiative will trigger, besides the old community, only some quick token hunters. They will run the node until the initiative runs, and then bye bye.
      I personally see little amount of long term users or application creators coming in via this initiative. I think that developers will not be triggered by such an initiative. But this is only my opinion.

      What do you think?

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      This is a very good program. More technical guys will join and see how good Ardor is.

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      I hope you are right. 🙂

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      I think this is a good idea, but also bad idea.

      How many people will participate in this event except old community member? The most recent killing tech’ of Ardor is Android Forging, but Android user cannot participate in this event without static IP.

      Old node runner may keep running their node after event, but new-bi will not keep running their node if the block forging fee is not increased.

      Since MPG, there is no more adding child chain. Triffic will be launched on July/2020, and…?? Even AEUR has been closed recently..

      I guess there is no reason to keep running node after event, and only static IP can participate in this event, this event will not affect to increase Ardor/NXT user..

      I hope that I’m wrong..

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      So far, there are many nodes thanks to the program:

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