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      If you are in charge of marketing at Jelurida, what kind of marketing are you going to do??

      Condition : You can spend 10,000 IGNIS every day until next 6 months.

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      I think the right move has been done, finally. The partnership with incubator companies is the right move to allow real products to be put on the market and showcase the power of Ardor.
      If I would need to spend 10,000 Ignis every day, I would make a weekly app development challenge.
      Every week, 1 winner is selected and wins 70000 Ignis.
      On the other hand, the node reward, is actually working as nodes are increasing, but I’m not sure that will resonate with developers or investors. That will resonate, maybe, with Jelurida business partners which will be more reassured to know that the blockchain they are going to work on has enough node to secure the network.
      This is my opinion.

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